Each year there are a number of regular events which we put on to raise funds and to have fun. To find out what’s coming up this month, please use the link on the right to the current Newsletter.


We are arranging a series of concerts in church …

The next one will be to launch our FLOWER FESTIVAL

The Revel will be on 7th July….

                   and then 10th July…

This year we need some help with our scheme for Remembrance:

If you missed the free Jazz concert on 16th February……bad luck ! but SAVE THE DATE!!!…. as they are coming back on FRIDAY,19th OCTOBER 2018

 Last years Remanence featured Tea and Cake with  the Chelsea Pensioners which was on Thursday 9th November and was a fantastic afternoon..Bill Houston, Michael Campbell-Smith, Dewi Treharne and John Riley were visiting the island for Remembrance Services and came to St Saviour’s church to look at our Poppy Display and have some tea and cake and lots of chat!. They were absolutely fabulous fun and especially chatty with the 8 pupils from La Houguette School who came along with their teacher,Siobhan Burke.They had made 3 wreaths and a poster which were displayed in the church. St Saviour’s church had made a painted stone display depicting a huge poppy with a stalk inscribed with the names of all the St Saviour’s men who lost their lives in the two world wars. a poppy display on the High Altar, one on the North screen wall and glorious pew ends of ivy and crotched poppies. A superb display!


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